Psychotherapy and Coaching in English


A profound mutual understanding is vital for any successful therapy or coaching as it is desirable for the clients to be able to express themselves freely and, if possible, in their mother tongue.  

As a native English speaker or anyone, who simply feels more comfortable with English than German you are welcome to seek my counsel in English.

This offer may also be of interest to you, if you come as a couple or family, where not all members understand German equally well.  

If in doubt, give me a call any time and find out, if we connect on a linguistic and personal level. 


As a healing practitioner I can help you with

phobias, fears and anxiety, sleeping disorder, eating disorder, obsessive behaviour, burnout and stress symptoms, restlessness, personality disorders, trauma, depression, marital and family conflicts.

I work with

EMDR, Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Family Constellation, Deep Relaxation Methods and offer Coaching in a personal as well as professional context

It is my sincere intent to meet my clients with all the respect and sensitivity required in order to provide a space of discretion, emotional security and appreciation.


I am looking forward to meeting you!